Website Trafficking

You all know what website traffic is, so no information for this…

Ahh…No! before starting… lets find some important information

What Website Traffic is?

Basically website traffic is the amount of users visiting your website… This you will find in all the search results done on surface web…either google, yahoo, Bing and so on. But reality of website is much more vast. Web traffic is actually the the automated software technology that pings several users on the network to your website or workspace in live period of time i.e users are made noticed by your workspace so that you can get more business from them.

Also web traffic as a matter of fact not only directly benefits your business but also increases your search quality on the search engines and creates your reputation on them so that you automatically start to get direct users to your website/workspace.

The more traffic you imply on your workspace, the more fast you will grow

Is it safe?

In our case yes…and 100% as you can see your progress in google analytics[the tool to monitor your web traffic]

But several traffic providing sites provide low tone website traffic which are treated as spam bots and they ruin your reputation on search engines especially on Google , so before getting to any other traffic providing services , first look its reputation on the search engines and ask them to provide you the demo , if it shows you growth in your analytics dashboard then only you step forward to it.

So as you get familiar with what actually website traffic is….Now lets begin our journey from here

Types of Online Traffic

1- Referral :- referred by someone else’s workspace to your workspace

2- Direct:- Is the direct pinging from a user to your workspace

3- Organic:- From search engines [This does not means that you will be listed among the top or the front page of your preferred keyword] But because you have asked for crawling by the search engine, so our software engages the crawling factor and asks google to show it on the preferred keyword for a specific period of time

4- Social :- Traffic diverted from social media platform like Facebook, YouTube [Again its just a crawling factor of the software that asks to divert traffic from the platforms to your desired workspace]

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*Note that:- Demo will include 2000+ traffic in 24 hours