Terms & Conditions

In Trafficking:-

As a free trial you are only allowed to enter one domain at a time on which you want the traffic. After it the submission of the same domain won’t result in more traffic flow.

In paid services you will mention the time period of traffic flow so there would be no problem at all.

In Security:-

Once you applied for the security form, our executive will contact you on either of the methods you have provided i.e( phone number and email) & we will ensure this from you that the site or property which you have applied for, really belongs to you or not. Once that portion is completed , you will be provided with the info of the security expert which will deal your case for you. So when you have any problem or doubt you can directly contact him/her.

Points to be Noted:-

1- In case of any misguiding done to you by any of our executive or anyone who pretends to show that he/she is our executive, immediately contact us at admin@medsonlinejack.us , so that we can help you.

  • We are not responsible for any of the misguiding attempts done to you,[this can surely be the case when you tried to find something beneficial for your business and that thing payback in response. This types of frauds are really very common when you are doing your business online, so stay safe by informing us anytime you found that a fraud attempt is going on]

2- In case of any misguiding done by you to us , we seriously don’t allow you to follow our services and may also block your business, So never try to misguide , if you have any problem then tell it in detail and correctly.

Please don’t misguide others as well, because it makes a serious problem up here on the internet for the new comers who want to start their own profession & they just got stuck with the trash that is of no use to them as newbies. So please don’t misguide but share your information as much as you can.