Security Package

What is Security Package?

If you are a professional & you have started your business, then this package is for you.

What is included in this package?

Before starting to define what elements are included in security, lets first find what actually security is…

“Online security refers to securing the contents, data flow and customer’s confidential data protection.”

As a matter of fact most of the websites/web-apps and other stuffs(like networking and marketing business modules) are designed on shared hosting and on cross platform integration(like wordpress, droople,zoomla)

These are some major CMS available for designing and developing website and applications as well.

But many data breaches are also available in these as “no Locker is Safe” and by far these data breaches are also not fully known by designers or developers , because as an individual you don’t need them 100%

But when its the matter of creating your own Network or Networking Module , this security breech can seriously damage your effort.

What You Need to Grow Your per-settled Business?

  • Data Protection
  • High Speed Performance
  • Better Bandwidth & Server Connectivity

Data Protection:-

Data Protection helps you to grow your business more accurately and helps you to create more

And data protection is the first and the most important stuff to look for when trying to create your own personal network on the internet or simply the “Web Bot”

High Speed Performance:-

For the network to run smooth and better, performance of the network matters a lot. You can’t get the high speed performance for your network on any shared hosting platform. For this you should have your own dedicated server so that you can create paths for your network to grow better and bigger.


Connectivity of the server and network is another important aspect. When you decide to run your very own network your connectivity may suffer because it includes lots and lots of technicality at initial level , then after you can make it a habitual stuff to your users. So what you should focus upon is that you should have better bandwidth for your server ->network & this is possible very easily if you choose to run it on an open source network project. (Just like we have)

#*->When you will try to find these things, it will cost you around $500-$600 and without a proper penetration tester your “Data Protection” policy is definitely going to suffer. So you have to pay additional money for that. But we can help you here for this at seriously very cheap cost.

[All the information provided here is just a summary of the project and package involved, you can get details on any of the package directly by either contacting us on the email or directly by our executive in the live chat.]

Now as you have the idea of what this is all about so lets begin to drive your first free trial package.


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